Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A YugaTech Giveaway: "Own this Sony Xperia P"

This is the first time i write a blog post giveaway about a gadget and am thrilled because i too joined this fab giveaway at and want to share u also out there so you can too join that makes us happy both lol. ;) But seriously i have a long desire to win a gadget i have so many contests that i am joining but none of these are lucky or i am not lucky enough to win i hope one day it would be good to be true. I want to win this Sony Xperia P because of the one feature i love most about it is the 8megapixel that sure enough to capture impressive photos and videos i need not to worry even i don't have a new cam in handy but with Sony Xperia P,i can capture every single moment together with my son. And here's the giveaway link for you too to join.;)

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