Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 26: National Heroes Day!

Are you aware of this day? Do you still remember all our national heroes who have made a big difference for our country's freedom?
Some of the Filipinos today tend to forgot to commemorate and redo all the heroic acts of our national Heroes. They fail to remember that even a simple act of kindness can be considered as a heroic act.
Just like what EFREN PEÑAFLORIDA does. He is a hero awarded in which he advocates to support the education of the children who are greatly in need.
You too can be like Him! You too can be a Hero in your own way!
Here are your Seven (7) Steps of becoming a champion:
(1) Be Optimistic. You cannot win if you don't believe you can win. Your mind and outlook have an incredible impact on your performance.
(2) Identify your natural talents. Everybody is different, some people are naturally better at certain things than others. A champion knows what their gifts are and seek to develop them.
(3) Discipline Yourself. People who win a lot are often very good at self-discipline. They can develop a plan and follow it, and maintain motivation and will power.
(4) Practice makes perfect. Keep trying until you have reached the level you want to be at, and then keep working to maintain that level. Repetitions become instinct or muscle memory.
(5) Don't get disheartened when you lose. If you keep trying your time will come. Nothing sucks worse than losing, so fear of losing or resent of past losses should motivate you to "go the extra mile" in your training.
(6) When you do eventually win, congratulate other participants. Remember no one likes a bad winner or a bad loser! Also important to remember, winning is not the end of it, unless you don't intend to keep doing whatever it is you have become a champion at.
(7) MOST IMPORTANTLY, HAVE FUN! Losing sucks, but if you sacrifice what makes you enjoy doing something just to be good at it, there's not much of a point to it anymore, unless you're doing it for a living... Then you've gotta grind it out or find a new profession.

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