Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Carla's Closet: First Anniversary Giveaway

I love clothes!!!! and this Christmas Holiday there are lots of lots of giveaways/freebies that are up for grabs and to be given away. Don't you love Christmas? And because I love clothes, one of the contest that i did joined is this Carla's First Anniversary Giveaway wherein you can these fabulous prizes:
The Third Prize includes: (L-R from top) A cream silk top from Plethora Shop A knit black top from Clothes Basket A vintage lace blouse from The Fab Grab A golden belt from Carla's Closet A dusk green jacquard weaved tote from Clothes Basket A pink Joana two-way bag from Izzo Shop
The Second Prize includes: (L-R from top) A mint green cardigan from Plethora Shop A floral summer dress with wooden buttons from Clothes Basket An Indian summer patterned orange top from The Fab Grab A turquoise cropped tee with stitched floral details from Carla's Closet A Bedazzled BFF crocheted bracelet from Nikita Accessories A lavender Joana two-way bag from Izzo Shop
And last but definitely not the least, the First Prize includes: (L-R from top) A midnight floral blue dress/tunic from Plethora Shop A sheer cream long-sleeved top with sequin buttons from Clothes Basket A floral black casual dress with lace from the Fab Grab A striped day dress from Carla's Closet A sweet pink crocheted bow necklace from Nikita Accessories A Molly Camera Satchel from Izzo Shop (see specs here) A thick wool plum short-sleeved turtleneck top from Fashion Details A printed scarf from Christine Angela Shop AND
Two hundred pesos worth of gift certificates from FBTL Manila! (Actual GCs with official card code to be sent to the winner's e-mail!) And here's more in addition to that there is a special prize to be given for the Best Answer to the given question will win this items.
1 purple double-tip pen and a teeny blank cahier-type notebook from Muji that you can bring around + a lovely leather Betty bag from Fashion Code 101. See contest page here. This giveaway will end at 11:59PM on December 28, 2011, Wednesday and winners to be announce by Dec. 31. ;)

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