Sunday, April 29, 2012

Eating Healthy, Eating Happy | Copy-Kids DVD Review + Giveaway!


           As a full time mom  it's very frustrating  when you see your child is not eating well especially fruits and vegetables. My three year old son is a picky eater i must admit it although he's eating fruits and vegetables he only choses what he wants to eat and not the food that his body needs it and that makes me double my worries. As a mom who has a little picky eater you need to be more creative when feeding a child  and you can not force a child to eat until i saw this giveaway in the web  a DVD Video in which it teaches a kids how to eat healthy by showing how other kids can do it. Then i never hesitate to join nor think twice in joining this giveaway after all it's a great helpful tool for me and for moms out there who has having a hard time to fed their kids fruits and vegetables. I am lucky i'll get a chance to win this Video at The Rebel Sweetheart (currently hosting  the giveaway). One lucky winner will get a chance and own this DVD Video for FREE and watch together with her kids right at the comfort of their home. Just head over to The Rebel Sweetheart page now and check her giveaway post here. Giveaway is open Internationally and will end until May 02, 2012.

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