Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ogie and Regine's little bundle of joy

Baby Nate aka (Nathaniel James) is finally home after 10 days he was born (Nov.8 via Caesarian Delivery) he has finally got home and proud "Mommy Regine" and "Daddy Ogie" shares some info to the public in fact they are hands-on parents with their newborn son. Their newborn son has no yaya and a nursery room yet just rooming in to his parents and Regine is currently breasrfeeding Nate. There is only a midwife who attends to Regine's needs until she finally recovers to her Caesarian Operation. Proud Daddy Ogie has written a song "Aking Anak" and dedicated to his first son Nate.
What a lovely family, isn't it? There is nothing more precious than having a child and it's the only thing parents should be PROUD of.;)

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