Tuesday, November 29, 2011

KC and Piolo breakup

Trending today is the KC-Piolo break-up. After a year of being a couple KC and Piolo parted their ways already. Weeks of speculations about the real status of their relationship KC broke her silence and admits that their relationship is already ended. Although KC did not reveal all the details regarding her failure relationship with his ex boyfriend of one year she admits that she is partly to blame for it because she gave too much of herself and fought for love. KC also related how surprised she was upon seeing herself go through so much pain and hatred to the point that she would just suddenly cry and asked her if the latter did asked her for forgiveness and for another chance KC said she had given Piolo many chances to to redeem himself, but not everything can be solved in a romantic way. Well, as the saying goes there is nothing permanent in the world all I can wish for KC is to accept the fact that it's the saddest part when you LOVE when you know or you both know relationship will not work because one leg is injured and cannot fix anymore. Try to move on and look for a brighter side indeed KC is a decent woman and I believe that time will come she will meet her Mr. Right.

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