Sunday, June 10, 2012

My First Ever Firmoo Sunglass!

  I know this is a late post and for the next few days i'll be posting my other winnings from Firmoo the brand we trusted in terms of eyeglasses. I received this parcel last May 25,at my own doorstep the first time i heard the postman calling i knew that it was my package that i am waiting for so long as in super excited and tada i am right. I just wanted to share it to you the joy that i felt upon receiving my parcel and instantly i try to wear it on and i am very satisfied of my looks even though i am looking very haggard in the picture below that's the look of a Monster Mom but the worrier and stressful mom of a very active pre-schooler lol ;) but still manage to do a pose and to feel pretty. ;)

the parcel.

my Firmoo sunglass, cute.. ;)

me wearing my Firmoo prize.

I wanted to thank also the blog where i won my first ever Firmoo sunglass  you may check her blog here.  Thank you Ms. Jennifer Santander Balatico and All about being pretty Jhenz is me.


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