Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shimmer Giveaway!

I miss joining giveaways even though i am not active in blogging i still feel to push it through and one thing that caught my attention is this giveaway at Shimmerafterglow site wherein you can win all these fabulous prizes by simply doing and following the simple instructions on her blog. And wait there's more, a good news to all fellow bloggers out there there's an additional prize/gift to all bloggers who will blog her giveaway. Yay! Exciting right? Don't waste time and check her blog giveaway here. The giveaway will ends on March 31, 2012.


  1. oh, this would've been nice. too bad i wasn't able to join. :(

    by the way, i have an ongoing giveaway on my blog, please do join if you haven't yet! thanks! :)

  2. oh, sorry better luck next time there's a lot of great giveaways out there. Okay will check your blog giveaway and thanks for the comment.